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May 7th, 2011 2:48 PM

I misidentified the name of the eBook that got me started blogging! Check it out on Amazon after you download the free Kindle for PC progam.  (I think Do the Work it is still available for $0.00, yes-- FREE.)  It's a fairly quick read.  I've been adding pages to my site you'll find FHA repair info and online ordering available, if those are of interest. 

Someone asked what happened with my exploration of becoming a 'comp cruncher'.  Needless to say I'm not a believer in automated valuation, but I didn't make it past looking at the training outline.  The house they were wanting me to value through 'crunching MLS data' was a fairly new view home with a 1400sf garage--unlike any of the recent sales which have been mainly REOs under 200K.  Don't know if they found a local appraiser to lend their license to that B of A trial run or not. 

Scared myself a little out on an inspection this week, thinking I had locked myself in a garage. I initially couldn't get the garage doors to open from the inside because they were broken and the door to the house had closed and locked behind me. Embarrassing to have called the Realtor to the rescue before I maneuvered the garage door open.  One more thing on my list to not repeat!

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April 23rd, 2011 4:06 PM

So -- I've been procrastinating or just not known whether to initial this blog! My sister Connie referred me to a free e-book available from Amazon in their free Kindle for PC format.  Of course entitled Do It Now!  The 'gist' is start at the end of what you want to accomplish and then work back.  Well the 'end' of what I'd like to accomplish is eliminating the 'squeeze' that appraiser's have been under for the last two years--where we have been doing a whole lot more and being paid a lot less.  This downward spiral is certainly stressful because its been combined with several low revenue years. The consumer cost for appraisals has increased because the Appraisal Management Companies are taking a big chunk.  But enough whining! 

Last week I was approached by an AMC with the exciting offer of becoming a 'comp cruncher' by applying a regression analysis to MLS comp data, to determine valuations for Bank of America.  The price they wanted to pay was $75 per assignment.  BUT I was being offered FREE training in the Bradford Technologies software!  Whoopee!  This is what the lenders want to use now to replace BPO's completed by Realtors.  There was a part of me that wanted to check it out to prove that it couldn't work here, but I actually needed to try to make some $$ last week completing assignments that paid at least something!

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